The Best Graphics Resource List for Thanksgiving Marketing Campaigns

The Best Graphics for Thanksgiving Marketing Campaigns

So you’ve laid out your holiday marketing plan and you’re ready to fire up your Thanksgiving campaign, but feeling overwhelmed with all the work ahead of you. Now what? You’ll most likely need some graphics to kick start the creative process for a successful campaign. I’ve compiled a decent sized list of different resources so you can get a jump start on your marketing strategy and blow your competition out of the park!

Cards & Flyers

Thank you cards are a great way to reach out to your current customers to show your gratitude for their loyalty. As the saying goes “Out of sight, out of mind,” and this is a perfect opportunity to put your brand in front of them and let them know, “Hey, I’m still here, and I appreciate your support.” It’s a perfect little boost right before the holiday shopping season.

Flyers can be utilized to announce local events like parades, festivals, and even community gatherings. You can also use them to create Thanksgiving Dinner menus – a wonderful idea for entertaining a huge dinner crowd.

Digital Papers & Backgrounds

Digital Papers and backgrounds can be used for any number of things – from social media images and banner ads to brochures and magazine ads. On a more personal note, they are terrific for scrapbook photo albums to keep those memories of your holiday together with family and friends. Let your imagination run wild!

Clipart & SVG

Clipart images can be used to add just a little bit of festive flair, when you don’t want to go too over-the-top with your marketing campaign.

SVG images are mostly used for vinyl cutouts for t-shirts and wall art. These items can be a simple and cost effective way to decorate an office (and your home), celebrate with employees and co-workers, or even create event specific giveaways.

Social Media & Websites

Social media and website templates are a fast and easy way to get festive for the holidays. Most of these images are perfectly sized for website banners, ads, and social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Remember – Stick with your brand color theme and style! If your brand is blue and yellow with a modern edge, don’t use purple and red images with a feminine feel. Keep the look and feel of your brand consistent so you don’t confuse your audience.

Mockups & Scene Creators

Let me just say that mockups and scene creators are huge and on trend right now for Photoshop users. Yes, they usually run a little bit more than a simple graphic or background image, BUT they allow you to fully customize styled stock photos. There are an abundance of YouTube tutorials out there on how to use them, and (most of the time) the designers usually include instructions with your download!


Photographers, I love ya’s to pieces! Y’all can do some amazing things to make your photos come out just right, especially when the lighting doesn’t like to cooperate.

The editing programs that most photographers use are Photoshop (that’s a given) and Lightroom – both created by Adobe. It all really boils down to personal preference and knowledge of the software as to which one you use so I’ve included some photo editing add-ons and overlays for both programs.

Light Room Presets

Photoshop Actions & Overlays

And for the photographers that are getting a jump start on their winter photo editing…

As you can see, there are many ways to create amazing images for your online marketing strategies. If you’re still stuck on which direction to go, or what to do, comment below and I’ll be happy to assist you. You’re not in this alone, and I know you have the imagination to slay your campaign (with a little coffee, of course)!



The Best Graphics Resource List for Thanksgiving Marketing Campaigns

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