The Best Graphics Resource List for Thanksgiving Marketing Campaigns

The Best Graphics for Thanksgiving Marketing Campaigns

So you’ve laid out your holiday marketing plan and you’re ready to fire up your Thanksgiving campaign, but feeling overwhelmed with all the work ahead of you. Now what? You’ll most likely need some graphics to kick start the creative process for a successful campaign. I’ve compiled a decent sized list of different resources so you can get a jump start on your marketing strategy and blow your competition out of the park!

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A Few of My Favorite Things

A Few of My Favorite Things to Use When Creating Social Media Graphics

The most common question I get asked is, “What are your favorite programs and tools to use in graphic design?” Well, isn’t that an open-ended question! I have used many programs and tools in the 20+ years I’ve been designing, but I’ll just list a few of my personal favorites. There are so many programs out there that can get the job done, but where do you start?

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