How to Create Social Media Images using Fotor

How To Create Social Media Images Using Fotor

Welcome to my step-by-step guide for creating social media images in Fotor!

Have you ever browsed Pinterest and wondered how they create those beautiful eye-catching images? With today’s technology and online web applications, it’s actually much easier than you think! Today, I will step you through how to create basic Pinterest pin images that you can start using with your blog posts right away. If you haven’t already done so, go grab the image package download below. I actually use one of the background images included in the package for this tutorial!

Step 1

Go to Fotor. Click “Sign In”

Step 2

Login with email and password or Facebook Account. (Click Signup if you would like to create an email login. Facebook login will automatically sign you up with confirmation if your account isn’t connected yet. Follow the prompts to create your account) This step is important if you would like to save the images to your computer.

Step 3

Click “Design” to begin creating your social media marketing image.

Step 4

On the Design page you will see a bunch of different social media templates. For this tutorial, we will use “Pinterest Post.”

Step 5

Click on “Import” to upload your flat-lay image.

This will bring up a window to select the file. Select the flat-lay image you would like to use. For this tutorial I will be using [Education_Vertical.png].

Click the “Open” button.

Step 6

Once the image loads in your uploaded photos, click and drag the image to your workspace.

Step 7

Resize your image to your desired size using the small round handles located on the corners and edges of the selected image. For this tutorial, I resized this image to be the same size as the workspace. However, most flat-lay images are large enough to make larger than the workspace, and be able to move it around so you can just use a part of the image in your design, without sacrificing the quality of the image (if it starts to look really fuzzy when you enlarge it, the original image was too small for the area you are trying to cover. Find a larger image to use).

How are you doing so far?

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them below. I want to help you the best that I can!

Steps 8 through 13 are optional. I just wanted to include it in the tutorial steps so you know how it’s done. If you do not wish to use a text background, skip to step 14.

Step 8

Next, click on “Sticker” icon on the left menu and then “Basic Shapes” so we can create a solid background for the text area.

Step 9

Here we will be using the rectangular shape. Go ahead and click on it. Now you should see a black rectangle in your workspace.

Step 10

Using the handles, resize your image until you are happy with its size. (Move it around until you’re happy with its placement, too!)

Step 11

With the rectangle still selected, you can also change the colors. Let’s change this one to white by clicking on the color tool on the top bar and selecting white.

Step 12

Now let’s add a border ( also optional). Click on the border tool in the menu. Set the thickness to 8, and the color to red.

Step 13

Let’s go ahead and add another shape. This time we will use a circle. Repeat Steps 8 -12 so you end up with something that looks similar to this.

Are you still with me?

That's good! You're doing an awesome job so far!

In the following 3 steps we will be adding our text to the image. With Pinterest posts, it’s a good idea to use the title of your post or a headline. For this tutorial I will be using the title “4 Amazing Study Techniques for College Students.”

Step 14

Let’s start by selecting the “Text” icon from the left menu, then “Add Heading.” Edit the text box by typing in the number “4”. Move this text box around until it is centered in your circle. (You can also change the color, font and size of the text in the top menu just like the shapes we did earlier)

Step 15

  1. After the heading text, we will now add a “Sub Heading” using the same method as above. This time I will type “Amazing Study Techniques.”

Feel free to change your text font, colors, and size here, too. A good rule of thumb to follow when creating social media images is to not use more than 2 different fonts. If we use more than that, our brains don’t process the information very well, and the message doesn’t come across quickly and easily. Remember, we want to grab attention!

Step 16

Now let’s use the “Add a little bit of Body” text option to finish out the remainder of the title. Here I will add in the text “for college students.”

Step 17

Finally, we need to save our project. Click the “Save” icon on the top menu bar. Name your file, select the type of image file you would like to save it as (JPG and PNG are the most common image file types. PNG images allow for transparency in the backgrounds, while JPG makes any transparent area white), and click “Download” to save the image to your computer!

Now you can use your image in your social media posts, blog posts, or Pinterest pins!

Wasn't that super easy?

Just remember that the more you practice, the faster (and more skilled) you will get in creating your images!

Did you follow the steps above? I would love to see what you created! Stop on over at my Facebook business page to show off your masterpieces!

How To Create Social Media Images Using Fotor

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