Hocus Pocus, I need coffee to focus! Is your neighborhood starting to look a little spooky? Are bags of candy haunting you at the stores? If you’re getting ready for a wicked Halloween, and are in need of some fangtastic font pairings for the holiday, I’ve got the magic brew right here! You can find the links to the fonts under the images. Click on the font name to download the fonts!

Note: Please make sure to read any copyright restrictions that may apply for each font.

Fangtastic Font Pairings

Each font pairing below contains one free font and one purchased font. Feel free to mix and match your favorites. If you need some help with font pairing, you can read more about that in my other post.

10 Font Pairings Perfect for Halloween

Ghoulfriend, I would love to see your creations using these fonts! Head on over to my Facebook page, and share your boo-tiful projects with us.


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