Autumn is where the magic happens.

It marks the return of the pumpkin spice everything, colorful crunchy leaves, cooler weather, and crafting. This is the time of year that I really like going for a drive down the back roads and looking at all the pretty colors of the foliage. I also love breaking out my baking supplies and creating an amazing pumpkin pie! Mmmm.. Yum!

Pumpkin Pie

Fall –  the season to bring the warm, earthy, inspirational colors of the season into my home, and using color palettes is the best way I know how. This is where I go absolutely ape-shit crazy! It’s actually quite exciting for me (in a geeky designer way). Just turn up the radio and start finding colors in photos that represent the season. Next thing I know, I’ve created hundreds of color palettes. Whoops!

Get to crafting!

Picking out a color palette is a process that can take a few minutes to a few days, and inevitably winds up with me changing my mind a bazillion times. My fall crafting consists of knitting and crochet for the most part, and these color palettes help me pick and choose the colors to use in my projects. You see, being creative doesn’t have to be strictly confined to the digital world – it can also be used in other parts of life like home décor, fashion, crafts, painting, and even landscaping! The gallery below contains twenty of my favorite color palettes for fall. It was really hard to narrow them down a bit, but I managed – HA!


Also, for you digital designers out there who might be creating some fundraiser flyers or even stickers for your planner, I’ve got you covered – HEX codes are included for easy reference.

Click on an image below to view a larger version. 

Are you feeling inspired, but need a little help creating your own color palette? Then head on over to my previous post where I discussed the power behind color palettes. In that article, I go a little more in-depth about color palettes and include tools and resources to create your own.


If one of these amazing fall color palettes really strikes your fancy, hover over the palette to pin it to Pinterest! So what are you waiting for? Get creative and share your masterpieces!

20 Color Palettes Perfect for the Fall Season


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